The apartment is officially for rent

After a long, hot summer of remodeling, painting, fixing and sprucing up, the apartment is finally finished. Well, some of the trim just has a coat of primer on it and still needs to be painted…. but when is a project ever completely finished…

I put an ad up on Craig’s list yesterday, linking to a webpage I put together that has photos of every room, a floor plan, and a detailed description including neighborhood hot-spots. I previously did some comparative research on Craig’s list, to see what comparable rentals are going for, and priced mine at the high end of what I think I could get for it; I can always lower it if need be. I already have two showings scheduled for this week, so here’s hoping that I find some good tenants!

One thought on “The apartment is officially for rent

  1. I also own a duplex. It has been undergoing renovations after my tenant of 15 years passed away. I see that you listed your property on Craig’s list and am curious to know if you had a positive experience. Any words of wisdom you care to share will be appreciated. I’m female and the Craig’s list thing gives me pause. Thanks

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