On again, off again, on again… mr. Casey Serin and IamFacingForeclosure.com are back.

Hardly seems newsworthy at this point, does it?

My friend Jen’s (ex)boyfriend broke up with her six times. Broke it off, waited a week or so, then begged for forgiveness… and she took him back. The fourth or fifth time he broke up with her was on her birthday, in the car, before dropping her off at the restaurant that we were all waiting for her at. Nobody was the least bit surprised, herself included.

See, after too much of this dramatic back and forth, you stop taking a person seriously.

How long will you be back, mr. Serin? Will you be dramatically forced to take down the blog again, for reasons beyond your own control, only to magically reappear again, due to some mysterious benefactor?

You can only play the public so much (they’re probably less patient than my friend Jen).

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