Dryer sheets!

So, my new tenants, as a whole, are really great. They’re quiet, polite, seem to keep the place nice, pay on time, and haven’t had any crazy maintenance issues yet at all. They seem to be huge laundry enthusiasts, which is great for me, considering that I have a coin-operated washing machine downstairs (and the dryer is on their gas bill). The one thing that boggles my mind: the dryer sheets.

Every time I’m downstairs to do my own laundry, there’s at least one dryer sheet wafting around down there. One the floor, on top of the dryer, on the ironing board, in the sink, what have you. There is a garbage can down there, and I know that at least one of them knows where it is, because they’ve put their empty laundry detergent bottles in it. Again, this of course isn’t really any sort of valid complaint, it’s just kind of bizarre. Last night, when I was washing clothes, apparently one of these vagabond dryer sheets was in the laundry tub, which clogged the drain when the washer water was draining, causing a big laundry room flood! Luckily there’s a floor drain right in front of the washer, but still! Sheesh!

I mentioned it to my tenants, in an email having to do mostly with getting ready for winter (i.e. closing storm windows, taking out the AC, and turning on the furnace). They said they’d try to keep track of them 🙂

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One thought on “Dryer sheets!

  1. Dryer sheets are toxic and smell terrible. Dryers vent the horrible smell to the outdoors where innocent people have to smell it. Using them is unconscionable. Leaving them lying around is secondary.

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