Magnetic Wreath Holder: Better for Windows than Doors

So, my mother gives me a Christmas wreath every year at Thanksgiving when I visit her, and I hang it on the front of the duplex, adding a little holiday cheerfulness to the front of the house. (Outdoor Christmas lights are definitely waaaaay too much work for me to get into.) This year, however, she has upped the quality of the wreath, which caused a bit of a dilemma…

The wreath, when hung on the front door, wouldn’t allow the storm door to close! It was too nice, and big, and full of holiday cheer (unlike the relatively flat, scrooge-like wreaths of years past, which nestled in between the doors just fine.)

I explored the over-the-door wreath holder option, but alas, that would not work on a storm door (those are made to fit over the top of a standard wood or steel door, not a thin storm door).

However, a quick online search led me to a MAGNETIC wreath holder, that would allow me to hang the wreath directly onto the glass pane of the storm door. One magnet goes inside, and the other magnet, with a hook, goes outside, holding the wreath! A little pricey at $9.99, but I couldn’t risk having my mother visit and not have her wreath hanging on the front door….

So I ordered it, and was very excited to try it out as soon as it arrived. Sure enough, the wreath hung perfectly in the center of the full-view glass window. We gave it a good stress test (the duplex is half rental property, after all) and found that a good slamming of the door was enough to dislodge the wreath altogether. If it was just me living here, I could be careful with the door. However, I’ve found that tenants generally don’t have as much incentive to be gentle on things, and storm doors do tend to get slammed quite a bit during a cold and windy winter.

However, while it didn’t work as an on-the-door wreath holder, I have utilized it to hold the wreath on the porch window, directly next to the front door. Hopefully nobody will be slamming the windows, so it should stay put just fine. 😉

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