New neighbors – the duplex next door is sold

Well, in the process of waiting-and-seeing about the duplex next door, it looks like someone else has swooped in and bought it. Not exactly swooped, because I wasn’t sure how badly I wanted it anyway. The new owners are a husband and wife with two dogs, who plan to owner-occupy the upper floor, and rent out the lower unit. They seem to have grand plans for renovation, too — they’ve cut down most of the scrub trees from the backyard, put up planters in the front, and have some lumber sitting out behind the house. With all of their overgrown bushes and trees cut down, mine started to look all the more scraggly, so I had to do a bit of pruning and cutting down this weekend as well… I noticed a few trees that were nearing the powerlines, and the roof of the house, so I may have to call in for some reinforcements. Good time to make friends with the new neighbors, as they apparently own a chainsaw and know how to use it.

I’m glad to have someone living in the house next door, especially owner-occupants. It should be good for the neighborhood, and it should encourage me to step up my own act in taking care of the yard 🙂

I can’t wait until the sale is posted on the assessor’s website so I can find out how much they paid for it…

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