The hose reel: you have to screw it into the studs, stupid.

I have a large garden that is in the far back of my lot. I don’t do much watering of my (somewhat feeble) grass, but I do water the garden plenty. And so do my tenants. It takes a 150 foot hose to reach the back of the lot, and you can imagine what a mess that turned into, manually winding it back up on the hook hanging off of the house.

So last year, I spent $35 on what looked to be the best invention ever: the wall-mounted hose reel. It winds up the ridiculously long hose with a hand crank. genius. This frustration-saving device would prevent countless swearing fits throughout the summer. (And it did. It’s sooooooo much easier to use than winding up a hose by hand.)

In my haste, however, I attached it to the side of the house without bothering to look for studs. To make matters worse, my house is encased in three (count ’em) layers of siding. The original wood siding, the faux brick (asbestos?) siding, circa 1945, and the most recent aluminum siding (which is no spring chicken, “maintenance free” or not). I say all of this just because all of these layers of siding created quite a bulky shell on the side of my house for the screws to penetrate through before attaching to anything really solid.

So, surprise surprise, after a year of me and my tenants (who are probably a bit less careful with things) winding and unwinding it, the hose real had detached itself. Only the top screw, of course, but that was enough to make it fall out and away from the house, threatening to warp the siding.

I removed the hose reel completely, and found myself some three inch screws and a stud finder. (Oh, and I did find a boy to help me. I am, of course, perfectly capable of operating my own power tools, but it’s much easier when a boy offers to do things for me). We located the studs, which were a few inches away from the original hanging spot, and screwed it right in. This time the long screws actually went into something solid, and the hose reel seems unstoppable.

Lets hope that it lasts more than a year this time.

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