Trees, part II

So, my lovely volunteer chainsaw crew had to postpone the cutting up of the logs for another weekend. In the meantime, though, I’ve been chatting with the neighbors about the giant tree that (mostly) fell down in my backyard. My next door neighbor, who happens to be building a garage just opposite the fenceline from the old tree that fell, noticed that you could actually see through the trunk of what’s still standing of the tree…. which, naturally makes him a bit nervous for his brand new garage. I told him that I had a volunteer crew coming out to cut up what was still on the ground, and he’s been thinking of how we could get the rest of it down there. He offered to take care of the rest of it himself, lest it fall on his garage. I offered him my two-story extension ladder as an exchange — that thing scares the living daylights out of me…

So anyway, my neighbor did in fact take the tree down, albeit in a slightly unconventional fashion. He ran it past me first: “it sounds kind of crazy, but I think it could actually work.” He tied a rope around the tree, ran the rope over the fence to the parking lot on the other side of my lot, and then hooked the other end of the rope up to his truck. And pulled. I was not home for this part of the action, and I’m kind of glad for that. He did pull the rest of the tree down to about a 5′ level, and the top of the tree came slamming into my chain link fence. The fence is now a bit screwed up, but it needed to be fixed already anyway…

My yard is a pretty big mess right now, but at least the tree thing seems to have mostly been taken care of. Who knew that trees could be such a pain to take care of?

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2 thoughts on “Trees, part II

  1. One certainly has to be careful when taking trees down. It can be dangerous we know because that is what we do.

    We also do chipping after we remove the trees.

  2. Very sweet! We had a duplex this sniprg…some robins moved in and we couldn’t use our front door for about month or so (they made a nest in a basket I had hanging on my front door).

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