Citibank is giving away $50 if you sign up for an online savings account. Who doesn’t like free money?

I was just paying my (sigh) credit card bills tonight (actually it’s not that bad, because they’re all fixed at 2.99% for the life of the balance), and saw an ad on the citibank page to sign up for an online savings account. They’re offering a 4.65%APY, which isn’t bad (although not as good as the 5.05% that I get at Emigrant), and if you sign up and fund an account, they’ll give you $50 for your trouble. Not bad at all.

There isn’t a minimum daily balance or minimum initial deposit, and there are no monthly fees. If your account is still in good standing after $90 days, they’ll fund it with $50.

Having just paid my bills, I wasn’t feeling like moving much money into a new account, and (stingily) funded my account with a tiny $5.00 opening deposit.

Looks like the offer is good all month, for new Citibank deposit account customers. You can take advantage of it too, by following this link or going to

Free money is a good deal by any account — too bad I can’t open up one of these every day…

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