iamfacingforeclosure.com is foreclosed on. Casey Serin is down!

The site, formerly a trainwreck-style source of amusement, is no longer. The real estate blog of foreclosure has been foreclosed on by its very author. There was a brief notice up on the site, which said:

IamFacingForeclosure.com is over. It will never return.

Advertisers: Feel free to cancel your PayPal subscription. I will be issuing pro-rated refunds this week.

Everybody: I’m very sorry to end like this.

Thanks to all the supporterz, haterz and everyone who wrote about me. You guys made the last 9 crazy months of blogging possible.

You may contact me or join my mailing list here.

Casey Serin
May 31, 2007

Some speculators say that the site is down because Casey violated the deal that he made with his wife — either by talking about things that were too personal, or by failing to make $1000 a week in income. Under a contract that he and his wife had signed, if either condition was violated, he would have to take down the blog permanently.

I imagine that he was making some good money on google ads (as well as content links, direct-selling text ads, sponsored links, etc.), and he was definitely enjoying a good amount of notoriety, so I’m really shocked to see the site go down. I feel like a little piece of 2007 has been taken away from me….

That, and I’ve been sucked in! The drama has been taken away from me! I must know what will happen to him next!!!

Either this is another huge publicity stunt (take it away, and then people will want it even more), or he (and his wife) are really ready to get out of the limelight.

I’m still checking iamfacingforeclosure.com in a week, who knows what will be up there…

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One thought on “iamfacingforeclosure.com is foreclosed on. Casey Serin is down!

  1. That guy is just another Russian crook who wshead on our shores, telling sad stories to immigration of how bad communism was to him in order to get an American citizenship so he can start with his scams at taxpayer’s expense. How can you support this con artist? And by the way, can’t you see that he just trolls on that blog? The new strategy is to create a marital conflict between him and his partner in crime G. And the sheeple believes it. Ooohh, what’s gonna be next, the crook couple will get into a fight about money and she’ll make him sleep in the Jetta. Keith, I thought you were sharper to spot trolls…don’t be a sheeple. Wise up, would you?

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