Washer water… in my kitchen sink???

So, it’s Sunday night and I’m minding my own business, doing some laundry, potting a couple of plants, tidying up the house, getting ready for the week. When all of a sudden….

Water — sudsy water — from the washing machine starts coming up in my bathroom AND kitchen sinks! my bathroom sink actually overflowed before the water started going back down!

AND, what’s really weird, is that the laundry washer had finished quite a while before that happened. I do think that I went downstairs previous to the “incident” and saw that the water in the laundry tub was still there, but somehow didn’t think anything of it.

So, now I have two sinks upstairs that are full of sudsy water that isn’t going down. I check the laundry tub, and its water doesn’t seem to be really going anywhere either. I get out the plunger (which I’ve been told you’re supposed to use for clogged drains, I hope that this is correct), and plunge away at all three sinks. I got the water to drain from the laundry tub, but unfortunately that is the only one.

My plunging only caused the water in the bathroom and kitchen sinks to turn black and nasty looking. (I assume partly as a result of the plants that I had potted earlier in the evening).

WHY would this happen???? (And why to me???)

I called the drain guy that I’ve used in the past (at 10:00 pm, I thought I would get a voicemail, but instead I actually got HIM), and he’s coming out first thing in the morning.

I am afraid that this might be expensive… Lets hope for the best.

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One thought on “Washer water… in my kitchen sink???

  1. Had something similar happen here, only instead it was due to contractors sending building materials down the toilets and sinks. The materials that were sent into the plumbing system didn’t do anything immediately, later on however they did result in “assisting” to clog the sewer trap in the basement.

    Hopefully, it’s just a clogged sewer trap – which result in having the plumber snake the piping inside the house as well as the pipes leading out to the sewer main. It does get expensive if they have to bring in a “see snake” to video the pipes.

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