A Moving-Out Checklist

About ten days before move-out, I give my current tenants a checklist of everything that needs to be taken care of before move-out. It’s a busy time for everyone; it’s easy to forget things like leaving forwarding addresses and taking their names off the electric bill. Here’s what I included in my checklist this year:

    By noon on May 31st, all keys must be turned in, cleaning must be finished, and all items must be moved out. If you plan on vacating the apartment, or certain rooms of the apartment before then, please let me know so that I can begin to perform necessary turn-over maintenance.
    Please leave correct phone numbers in case I need to contact you after you’ve moved out. Also leave forwarding addresses for the return of your security deposit.
  • MAIL
    Be sure to fill out a forwarding address card with the Post Office.
    Be sure to call the gas company AND the electric company to stop your utility accounts as of the 31st.
  • KEYS
    When you are completely moved out, place all keys (including any copies made) on the kitchen counter (or hand them to me personally).
    I’ve attached a cleaning checklist. (see next entry for the cleaning checklist)
    (I allowed the current tenants to paint the apartment, and the new tenants would like to keep the existing colors — this makes less work for me, and less work for the tenants, who would otherwise have to paint the walls back to white before moving out) Please leave your extra paint in the apartment, or provide a quart to match each room if you do not already have extra.
    I will be mailing checks to the addresses you’ve provided within 21 days of move-out, less any cleaning or damage charges.

I also offer to let them borrow a ladder for cleaning, and ask them to contact me if they need to make arrangements to store their things past noon on the 31st. I try to make the process easy for them — I’m really counting on them to do a good job of cleaning, so it’s in my best interest to be on good terms with them up until the end. That, and I believe in moving karma. 🙂

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