The cleaning supply arsenal

My departing tenants have always done a good job of cleaning (perhaps the checklist helps?). However, I always fully arm myself with cleaning supplies, just in case. I don’t want to have to run to the store during my brief 24 hour turnover period. I always make sure that I have on hand:

  • Pine Sol (or some other all-purpose cleaner)
  • Comet or Ajax Scouring powder(my plumbing fixtures are too old to require Soft-Scrub)
  • Windex, 409, or another all-purpose glass and surface cleaner
  • Oven Cleaner (the fumes are a bonus, or a drawback, depending on your disposition)
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Resolve Carpet Cleaner
  • Good Old Fashioned Chlorine Bleach (good for getting old porcelain sinks and tubs looking white(er) again, after a thorough scouring with the comet and a brush)
  • CLR — good for removing rust stains from old porcelain fixtures, but I ONLY use it in places where the finish is already gone. Otherwise, the CLR can actually remove the finish. Use with care.
  • Lysol Mildew Remover
  • Goof Off (good for removing adhesives and paint from oil-varnished woodwork)

And, of course, a good supply of paper towels, some rubber gloves, rags, a mop and bucket, scouring brush, a broom, and vacuum cleaner.

Oh, if my mother could only see me now…

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