What everyone looks forward to… the cleaning checklist

I created a cleaning checklist for my departing tenants to ensure that I didn’t have to do much cleaning during turnover. When I first put it together, I worried that it made me look like a bit like a nazi… however, the departing tenants told me that it was actually very helpful. Moving is a frantic time for everyone, and it helped them to get organized and quickly split up tasks between roommates. Here’s my cleaning checklist:


  • Clear of trash and discarded items.
  • Sink, tub, and toilet must be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Wipe out inside of cabinet, clean mirror.
  • Sweep/mop floor.
  • Wipe down tile and any soiled walls.
  • Remove shower curtain(s).


  • Clear of trash and discarded items.
  • Cabinets: clean inside and out with warm water and mild detergent. Do not use any type of abrasive on cabinet surfaces.
  • Countertops: clean with warm water and mild detergent. Do not use any type of abrasives.
  • Sweep/mop floor.
  • Wipe down tile and any greasy or soiled walls.

Clean inside and outside. The range door, walls, shelves, broiler, burners, area under the burners, as well as the floor, walls, and cabinets around the range should be free of all grease, spilled or burned matter.

Defrost the refrigerator. Do not use any sharp objects to remove frost buildup. When refrigerator is defrosted, remove and clean all parts, as well as the inside of the refrigerator, with warm water and baking soda. Do not use abrasives on either the inside or outside of the refrigerator. After refrigerator is cleaned, rinsed and dried, turn on low and leave the door closed.


  • Light fixtures should be clean, with working bulbs.
  • Clean any dust or dirt off the tops of ceiling fan blades.


  • Hardwood floors, tile and vinyl floors: Sweep or vacuum, and mop or wipe up any stains or spills.
  • Carpets: Vacuum.

Sweep floor and remove all items.

Remove all nails/screws, tape, tacks, etc. Fill nail holes and touch up with appropriate paint. Wipe down any soiled or stained walls with water and a mild detergent. Leave all shelves, towel bars and other attachments that were here prior to your move-in in place. You may leave attachments that you installed in place. All electrical outlets, switches, and other hardware should be free of paint, and attached to wall. All woodwork and floors should be free of paint.

In place, and clean inside including window sills and facings. Screens should be free of any debris. Dust mini-blinds. Leave curtain rods installed prior to your move-in in place.

Clear of trash, belongings, and discarded items. All discarded items must be disposed of properly.

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7 thoughts on “What everyone looks forward to… the cleaning checklist

  1. Thanks for the great site. Obvoisly you have invested lots of time. Thanks for an enjoyable read.

    My wife and I bought the quarter block to control our neighborhood. I ended up with a duplex and a large PINK house with 8 apartments. I had a rotwiller in my back yard and the police at the pink house every weekend.

    Anyway, we have worked for 14 months practically all of my spare time to update 30 years of neglect. I am guessing I am 60% of hte way there.

    I am left with only 1 original tennants. I am learning how to read the perspective tennants.

    We live in a small Indiana town and my properties are near the bottom of the property ladder – I am working at rasing their status to lower middle. Do you have any recomendations for how to end up with better people? Is it all about staging the place for your target audience?

  2. Hi Mark, glad you like the site, and it sounds like you’re doing a really great service to your neighborhood!

    I think that to attract better people (aside from improving the desirability of the neighborhood, which isn’t really a task for one person), you simply have to make the property into a place that better people will want to live — and it sounds like that’s exactly what you’re doing. In addition to keeping the place in general good repair, curb appeal is huge — make the outside of the building look like a nice place to live. Include amenities that people want, like dishwashers and AC, if possible, and make costmetic updates to apartments and common areas.

    Additinally, I’ve found that advertising in different places attracts different people — online ads (including Craig’s list) generally gets a different type of person calling me than newspaper ads. Likewise for advertising at the local university.

    Oh, and screening is HUGE. If you screen well, and start filling your apartments with people who aren’t problem tenants, that will affect the overall character of the building too — people want to live near people who are similar to themselves.

    Good luck!
    -the landlady

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